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Volume  2008  I   Issue  1









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Articles in issue 1/2008

Cover Page
Refractories Manual (2008) 1
Regular Features

Refractories Manual (2008) 3
Regular Features

Refractories Manual (2008) 3
Regular Features

Refractories Manual (2008) 4-5
Regular Features

Rigaud, Michel
Education in a Global World - What Does it Imply?
Refractories Manual (2008) 6-9
Review Papers

Pötschke, Jürgen
The Influence of Electrical Forces on the Corrosion of Refractory Materials
Refractories Manual (2008) 10-26
Review Papers

Fischer, Undine ; Aneziris, Christos G. ; Schlegel, Ernst
Corrosion Problems of Refractories due to the Use of Secondary Fuels
Refractories Manual (2008) 28-33
Review Papers

Zawrah, Mahmoud F. ; Khattab, R.M. ; Girgis, L.G.
Development of Magnesia-Zirconia-Alumina Refractory Compositions
Refractories Manual (2008) 34-41
Review Papers

Kasimagwa, Ismail ; Brabie, V.
The Use of Thermodynamic Computation to Predict the Phase Transformation in MgO-C Refractories during Steel Refining
Refractories Manual (2008) 42-47
Review Papers

Schlegel, Ernst
Thermail Conductivity of High-temperature Thermal Insulation Materials - Problems of Measurement and Standards
Refractories Manual (2008) 48-51
Review Papers

Nold, Peter J. ; Frey, Klaus Jean ; Loebe, Ralf
Mixing, Granulating, Coating, Plasticizing and Slurrying in the Intensive Mixer
Refractories Manual (2008) 52-56
Review Papers

Wöhrmeyer, Christoph ; Parr, Christopher
MCC and HCC: Deflocculated High-Performance Castables Rich in Calcium Aluminate Binder
Refractories Manual (2008) 57-60
Special Technologies

von Seyerl, Joachim
Influence of Temperature and Deflocculant on the Handling Properties of High Density, High Alumina Castables
Refractories Manual (2008) 62-64
Special Technologies

Parnahaj, Jaroslav ; Chudý, Vladimir ; Palčo, Štefan ; Staron, Jozef ; Tomši, F. ; Fröhlich, L.
Refractory Lining for the Cathode Section of Aluminium Electrolytic Cells
Refractories Manual (2008) 65-68
Special Technologies

Roungos, Vasileios ; Aneziris, Christos G. ; Schnelle, J. ; Gerhards, J. ; Berroth, K. ; Stegner, F.
Investigation into the Oxidation Resistance of Al2O3-C Refractories for Monobloc Stopper Applications
Refractories Manual (2008) 69-74
Special Technologies

Tassot, Patrick ; Marjerrison, John W. ; Soudier, Jerome ; Turrel, Christian
A new Approach to the Tundish Working Lining
Refractories Manual (2008) 75-78
Special Technologies

Gerlach, Nora ; Aneziris, Christos G. ; Trimis, Dimosthenis ; Reusse, Ekaterina
Refractories in Innovative Heating Technologies for the Glass Industry
Refractories Manual (2008) 80-82
Special Technologies

Nevrivova, Lenka ; Lang, K. ; Kovar, P.
Production of Heat Insulating Refractories using Waste Products
Refractories Manual (2008) 83-86
Special Technologies

Semler, Charles E.
Overview of Refractories and R & D Activities
Refractories Manual (2008) 87-91

Urban, Lubomir
Slovak Magnesite - History, Present and Perspectives
Refractories Manual (2008) 92-93

Jarvis, David A.
The UK Refractories Industry
Refractories Manual (2008) 94-96

125th Anniversary of RHI's Duisburg Plant
Refractories Manual (2008) 97
Company Profile

Austria: Alfatec - Specialized in High Temperature Heat Insulation
Refractories Manual (2008) 98
Company Profile

Dalmia, Kunal ; Golawski, Czeslaw
Refractory Plant PMO "KOMEX" - Present Situation and Future Prospects
Refractories Manual (2008) 99-102
Company Profile

Raw Material Supplier on Highest Level - 75 Years of Georg H. Luh GmbH
Refractories Manual (2008) 102
Company Profile

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Refractories Manual (2008) 103
Regular Features

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Refractories Manual (2008) 104
Regular Features