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Volume  2005  I   Issue  1









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Articles in issue 1/2005

Cover Page
Refractories Manual (2005) 1-2
Regular Features

Refractories Manual (2005) 3
Regular Features

Refractories Manual (2005) 3
Regular Features

Refractories Manual (2005) 3-4
Regular Features

Pötschke, Jürgen
The Corrosion of Refractory Castables
Refractories Manual (2005) 6-11
Review Papers

Cölle, Daniel ; Jung, Manfred ; Lindner, Romy ; Aneziris, Christos G.
Investigation of Corrosion in Alumosilicate-Carbon Systems: An Advanced Matrix for Carbon Containing Refractories?
Refractories Manual (2005) 12-15
Review Papers

Palčo, Štefan ; Rigaud, Michel ; He, Huiqing ; Paransky, Eugene (Yevgeny)
The Challenges of Adding Natural Graphite into Castables
Refractories Manual (2005) 16-19
Review Papers

Aneziris, Christos G. ; Li, Y.
Formation of Dumbbell-shaped ß-SiC Whiskers in Al2O3-ZrO2-C Composite Refractories
Refractories Manual (2005) 20-23
Review Papers

Suvorov, Stanislav Alekseevich
Modern Problems in Refractories Production in Russia
Refractories Manual (2005) 24-28

Deveshwar, U.C.
Refractories Industry in India - Current Status and Future Prospects
Refractories Manual (2005) 29-31

Semler, Charles E.
Refractories Industry Status and Trends - 2005
Refractories Manual (2005) 32-37

Kielski, Andrzej ; Mandecka-Kamien, Lucjana
The Refractory Industry in Poland - Current Situation and Trends
Refractories Manual (2005) 38-41

Hohl, Berthold
Intensive Mixing Cascade for Anode Paste Preparation
Refractories Manual (2005) 42-45
Special Technologies for Refractories

von Seyerl, Joachim
Dispersant and Fine Aluminas: A New Way to Tailor Flow, Setting Time and Strength Development in Castable Mix Designs
Refractories Manual (2005) 46-47
Special Technologies for Refractories

Andrews, Keith
A Coating System for the Protection of Refractory Ceramic Fibre and Other Man-made Vitreous Fibres
Refractories Manual (2005) 48-51
Special Technologies for Refractories

Masotti, Pier Aldo ; Piva, Massimiliano
Self-diagnosis on Modern Refractory Presses
Refractories Manual (2005) 52-53
Special Technologies for Refractories

Kuffa, Tarzícius ; Galko, Eduard
Research on the Refractory Lining for ZnO Production in Rotary Kilns
Refractories Manual (2005) 54-57
Special Technologies for Refractories

Calderys:A Major Global Supplier of Refractory Solutions
Refractories Manual (2005) 58-61
Company Profiles

China: The State Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Refractories & Ceramics at Wuhan University of Science & Technology
Refractories Manual (2005) 62-65
Company Profiles

DIFK - More than 50 Years of Research into Refractories
Refractories Manual (2005) 66-69
Company Profiles

Chemische Fabrik Budenheim - A World of Phosphates
Refractories Manual (2005) 70-71
Company Profiles

Refractory with Living Tradition and Advanced Technology - EKW
Refractories Manual (2005) 72-73
Company Profiles

VELCO - A Synonym for Gunning Technology
Refractories Manual (2005) 74-75
Company Profiles

Dragon & TC Kilns - A Sino-European Technology, Sales and Manufacturing Partnership
Refractories Manual (2005) 76-77
Company Profiles

Krasselt, Volker
PROMALIGHT® -Pyrogenic Silica and Calcium Silicate Based Insulation Materials with Low Thermal Conductivity
Refractories Manual (2005) 78-79
Short Communications

Alfatec Goes Far East
Refractories Manual (2005) 80-81
Short Communications

The P-tube Burners are now Available
Refractories Manual (2005) 82
Short Communications

Index to Advertisers
Refractories Manual (2005) 82
Regular Features

Back Page
Refractories Manual (2005) 83-84
Regular Features